Holland Bazaar


  • Ribena is coming with new Cans to our stocks soon.
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Made with Fruit Juice


  • Buy pack of Heinz Ketchup 4lt (2 bottles) and get Heinz Ketchup 2.15lt %50 less sugar & %50 less salt free

  • No added colours, flavours, or artificial thickeners
  • Made with 100% free range eggs
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • All Sizes are available in the stock

Henry Jones batter mixtures are made using traditional recipes developed
over 50 years ago. Our decades of experience mean we know using finest
quality ingredients and intricate processes gives the best taste, every time.

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“Offering a wide range of quality products in catering and smaller sized packs for professional kitchens.”With best quality pickles, dairy products, sauces and spices, Lider offers the best industrial sizes products for professional kitchens. This industrial size products helps kitchen to save big amount of money for other expenses, Also all our products have small size alternatives to keep products fresh in low rotation periods

East And Bull offers a high quality burgers with cheapest prices in the U.K market, brand from Holland bazaar to all around U.K

Cooperation of the Coca Cola And Holland Bazaar to create best quality pizza boxes with best prices

Black tea is the most popular type of tea in the world. Also known as Ceylon tea it has been harvested and enjoyed for hundreds of years. Made by withering, Rolling, Fermentation and Drying leaves of a shrub called Camelia Sinesis. Has antioxidant properties that boost heart health and strenghtents the imune system by blocking Dna damage associated with tobacco or other toxic chemicals.Ceylan tea is a premium quality tea brand of loose black Tea. Handpicked and expertly processed by tea growers in Sri LankaCeylan tea blend has a bold full bodied malty character with a hint of bergamont for a citrus aroma for a refreshing and authentic taste.Also we proudly announce Ceylan Tea is one and only of the OP1 standard tea with U.K label brand

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