Our aim is to supply London with the best quality of fruit & veg, confectionary, frozen food, and catering supplies at reasonable prices. All our customers are based in London but our aim is to reach other UK markets such as Manchester, Peterborough, Sheffield and Brighton. Everyday hundreds of supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and catering companies, rely on Holland Bazaar for a supply of flawless produce.

Holland Bazaar has brought innovation to the UK market. A 24hour open warehouse in Edmonton – North London, we are also located in Croydon-South London to make it easier for customers to purchase their goods at a convenient time for them. This means you don’t need to go to the market at midnight and employ extra staff. Holland Bazaar puts the customer and their needs first.

Despite to the economic crises, Holland Bazaar has continued to offer their products with competitive prices. Our importers ensure that we are provided with the best products which effectively enables us to supply the finest quality directly to your shelves. Within 15 years we have successfully grown as a leading cash & carry for all Londoners and businesses. We are proud to say that Holland Bazaar is one of Britain’s largest food suppliers.

We would like to thank our present customers and welcome any new clients that are interested in being a part of international trades for a multicultural London.

Holland Bazaar